Nov 13, 2001
Kalispell Montana
Thanks Gentlemen for your input .I decided to go with the 300 RUM.My next question however,Im going to use a Hart barrel paired up with the M 700 action I have the Stock already and a Timney trigger kit.I dont have the 700 action yet though.Any suggestions on where I could get a brand new one and for how much?Also I was thinking of just ordering the barrel from Hart and having a competent gunsmith throw this stuff together for me, or would it be wiser for Hart to put this outfit together as a whole themselves.Just curious to know how critical and hard it is to pair the action and barrel up.Does a gunsmith need to be a rocket scientist to do this effectively?Or just as good as what Hart could do?Thanks again for your advice!!

Any competent gunsmith can do the work you want.

As far as a Remington action, you may want to look for a whole used rifle that has a magnum action and have your gunsmith take it apart just for the action.
I have found through experiance and the views of excellent gunsmiths that, the older Remingtons are a bit better then the newer models as far as tolerances are concerned.

The barrel and stock can then be sold for a return of some of your money spent.

Don't forget about Dan Lilja who produces fine barrels too, and is located near you.

Darryl Cassel

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