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Dec 16, 2001
I just wanted to say thanks to all for the info and direction in setting up for hunting long range. I just doubled the distance of any previous kills today. A small doe, but a victory all the same. 486 yards from prone on a snowbank. I saw a nice buck a few days ago at 510 but I had already used up my buck tag the last day of archery, which was another long range record for me, 60 yards. The humbling point of the day was that my wife, 6mm in hand, one shot, from a squatting folded glove rest on the edge of a trailer, took a larger doe than mine right at 350. I'll keep on practicing and reading and maybe next year I will be able to double my distance again. With the rifle of course, I don't believe I'll be going any farther with the bow.
Good job,Rome was'nt built in a day ya know...
Great job! Did you connect with the 30-378 or use something else?
Thanks, yep 30-378 with a 220gr matchking blew a baseball sized hole through the opposite shoulder. As the light faded on this last day of PA buck season a dandy eight point came out to taunt at 678 yards, a few more hundred rounds this next year, some restraint on filling the tag in bow, 46 clicks, and the wind cooperating, he will certainly be in some trouble next year.
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