TGR-Sako and Win M70 bolt in detach AI Mag

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  1. Dave Kiff

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    Sep 30, 2012
    I had several folks on this form that sent me messages and call asking if we would make the steel Sako TRG trigger guards that we made for Serengeti again and the bolt in Aluminum Stealth TGR Sako / AI ( TGR not to be confused with TRG )and Winchester Model 70 Stealth detachable type that use Accuracy international Magazines . I have a few finished and I have more orders on the mills . I made a run of Steel TRGs for Moon and have extra. The Sako/ AI TGR and Winchester are a new bolt in plug and play unite I made for the chain stores, you can see it under Winchester performance parts on the Pacific Tool and Gauge Web site . My email if interested is [email protected] or call me at PTG 541-826-5808 Thanks Dave
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