Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Opinion Today

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
The Supreme Court is expected to issue an opinion at 10:00 today DC time on the Second Amendment.

This will be huge news to all of us. Stay tuned.
Not today...later this week, according to the news.

Don't know why the delay.

In a separate ruling the Gang of Five, yes Martha the usual suspects, ruled that a louisiana child rapist could not be executed!

Please let's get some more liberal judges so they can delete the 2nd Amendment and free all of the murderers and rapists :(

the usual suspects, ruled that a louisiana child rapist could not be executed!

We should send James Jones over to do a little family counseling for the guy. James will be needing the time off anyway for his shoulder surgery.
Hey I'd be happy to and pretty sure i could do it with a clear conciense!! I have had the happy Dr. say that I suffer from PTSD but hell everybody does now days.

In all reality these guys just need to be left alone in general population for the rest of their lives , I assure you its the closest thing to hel they can get in this world. They will meet a higher power and be judged then , our trouble now is making sure that they are never set free.

Their is no punishment fit for anybody who takes a childs innocents , death is way to easy for the hell that these people have condemed their victoms to
Supreme Court Decision

As I sit here listening to Wash. DC news, the smiling anchor says 12:00 noon for the broadcast time.
After the arguments I thought that this was a slam dunk win, this delay makes me think that one of the usual suspects has dreamt up something new! Probably listened to a French broadcast and decided that we are too uncivilized...I got a bad feeling :(

I hope that I am wrong!

So much for the smiling anchor! The decision is in and the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the 2nd Ammendmet. God Bless the USA and the Constitution!

Now we have to keep the liberals off of the Supreme Court.
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