Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Opinion Today

Edge has it right,the 2nd Amendment is not a right,it is a protection of your God given rights you aquired at birth from impairment by the States and the United States.If you are a citizen of the Union (a Republic) you recieved these rights as a gifts from God,protected by 2A from government.This was the clear intent of the framers of the Constitution.
Now correct me if Im wrong,but the thing that baffles me is the fact that DC is not a State but a Federal Territory and is not considered a Republic,but a Democracy,in which rights are not endowed upon you at birth but instead has privileges granted by Congress.
It might just be me,but Id have felt much better about this case if it had been in one of the States.
Well, you're going to get your wish B64. I hope Illinois is the first. And even though DC is not considered a state, the lower FC as well as the SC considered the constitutional rights to extend to them too. Hand gun sales are increasing. I wonder how many criminals will have to be shot before they re-think their assults on the home. Maybe someone could graph their learning curve after a couple of years.
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