Stripped Scope Mount screws


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
I need some suggestions/advice.

I picked up an old remington BDL 30-06 today for the action.

The Bore looked good and appears little used but the rifles exterior looked like it had been neglected pretty badly.

Since the Action itself looked good and the price was right I made the deal and took it home to clean it up.

Everything was good until I wanted to remove the one piece scope mount.

The leupold torx head screws appear to be partially stripped. On the head...notthe threads.

I guess I can leave them as is and hope the Smith can remove them but if anyone else has dealt with this and has a methodology that may work, I would appreciate advice. I may determine to give it a shot but I would not wish to make the Smiths job any harder than it appears it will be.

Will a Smith be able to get the dang things out??
Take a Dremel wheel and turn the Torx head into a slot and use a large flathead to turn it out. Worst case you can grind the entire Torx head off - just don't damage the action.
Thanks Nomad.

I had considered that as an option but do not want to damage it to the point where even the Smith will not be able to get it out.

Have you had to do this before?
I would suggest finding a drill that is the size of the screw head or the hole in the base
that the screw goes in and drill only the heads off so the base can be lifted off leaving
the screws shanks sticking above the receiver then eather slot the remaining screw or
use a set of vice grips to remove them.

A lot of time the heat from drilling will make the screw turn loose. and if you can find a
left hand drill they work better and will some times unscrew the mounting screws while

Thanks for the advice JE. That sounds like a good plan.

I appeciate both JE and Nomad Pilot's responses.

I will tackle this tomorrow afternoon:)
Use a "Screw Out" tool bit in preferably a cordless drill set on the highest possible torque and in reverse at a slow speed. tell me the screw size and I tell you the remover-(screw out) size..
Thanks everyone.

I do not have the easy outs, so I will likely try the first two methods.

I imagine that I will get them out or at least get the scope mount off. Then deal with the crews.
As a follow up, I finally got the time to take care of this.

I used the advice given me primarily by JE Custom and it worked about as well s I could have hoped.

Once I got the heads drilled off and the mount removed, I soaked the threaded portion still remaining in the action and was able to break them free pretty easily and remove them.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and knowledge.

Here's what I've done in the past.

Can of Kroil and a hot air gun. cook it still it's billowing white smoke and stinking up your shop really good. then use a torx bit and (bit only, not a screw driver) give it a couple good firm whacks with a ball peen so that the tip of the bit really bites down good at the base of the screw head. Keep pressure on it and attempt to slowly turn it out.

Sometimes you get just enough purchase to back the screw out of the hole. Doesn't always work, but I've had pretty good luck with it.

If that fails turning the head into a slot with a dremel is usually my next step but more than likely it'll sacrifice the scope base in the process.

Good luck.

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