Steyr 270/243 Imp.


Aug 28, 2008

For more than 2 years i read all the info ins these forum, and i like it, now as my father said “better late than never” so here the review of my rifle custom. Sorry for my English, is not my natural lenguaje but I do my best.

this rifle that i already did to myself a time behind, that for lack of time, leaves it in the guns-safe, but now i re-discover it, and it is a marvel of rifle and caliber.

the project of this caliber begins , in a conversation with a good friend jose luis leon, we chat on changing the barrel that had already gone away, of a steyr mannlicher model L cal. 22-250.

so, as this rifle it uses magazine of plastic, it dyed the restriction of the size of the cartridge to use, being as big as possible at 243.

so l seeing options, 243, 243imp, 25 souper, 260, 260 imp, 7-08, 308. it was then, when luis leon said to me, the 270/243 ack imp 40 °, that it seems to you, it is a little better than 270 redding.

perfect, a person that use that caliber was the mexican hunter victor hugo ófarril, and he was speaking very well about this caliber.

so looking for information, i came to p.o. ackley, who mentions of 270/08, but with the normal shoulders to 11 °, so to keep on looking, redding, if it mentions on his caliber, whit very good loads and the speeds that you obtain in this caliber.

perfect so hands to the work
the rifle gave to the gunsmith kerim zokvick, and in less than one month i remain ready for the first tests.

the first thing was to do fire-forming to extract the tips with the perfect head-space of the rifle, and to see that the tolerances of the chamber was good.

so using 50 new cases winchester 243 win, prepares them for the fire-forming with gunpowder of shotgun and flakes of oats with tap of wax.

the cases were going out perfect, so taking 4 of these, we order them to the factory of diet set, redding, so that us madara some met on the suitable dimenciones and specifics for this rifle.

243win cases, 270/243win, 270/243 imp cases 270/243imp adn 308win


By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-07-31

243 win, 270/243imp and 308 win


By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-07-31
a few months later, i recive the diet set , completed well and perfect, nothing that to say more that the quality are expensive.

300wby, 7mm STW, 270/243imp, 257wby, 257roberts, 240wby and 17 remington


By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-10-23

the rifle was finish with a krieger stainless steel 23 inches contour #1.

completed end of rifle was perfect, mr. kerim made it perfect, the adjustment of the barrel, the chamber, the barrel crown, the bolt square, the bolt face, good the rifle stayed as the rifle custom … … .perfecto.

now the magazine needs to be modify, so that the cartridge entering without problem, since the cases of 243 are bigger than those of 22-250, needs to increase the interior part of the magazine of polymer so that he was accepting the bigger cases. so with the dremel tool i left they seem like factory and the shots rise to the chamber perfect without resistance or anything.

happier i could not be, the rifle was finished, so to giving to him to the loads

as reference for loads, i get that p.o.ackley publishes in his book of 270/08, and those that redding publishes on his caliber 270 redding, in these, it was easily a top of 130grs might go out at a speed average of 3000 fps, which was turning out to be to me interesting since it is almost what his biggest brother gives the 270winchester.

here the references of 270/08 published by p.o ackley

130 gr.
49gr ….. 4350 powder … … 2971fps
50gr ….. 4350 powder … … 3175fps
43gr ….. 4320 powder … … 2899fps
44gr ….. 4320 powder … … 2965fps

150 gr.
46gr ….. 4350 powder … … … 2809fps
47gr ….. 4350 powder … … … 2880fps

170 gr.
42gr ….. 4350 powder … … … .2484fps
44gr ….. 4350 powder … … … .2570fps

so, now i need to do my loads, the used components

bullet 130grs nosler ballistic tip and 130gr sbt sierra gameking
fed 210m and cci br-2
cases w-w
powder imr-4350 and imr-4064



By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-07-31


By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-07-31


By mexicanhunter, shot with DSC-W80 at 2009-07-31

STEYR MANNLICHER model "L" cal. 270/243 ACK IMP 40 °
barrel 23 " krieger stainless steel match grade 1-10, contour 1.
zeiss diavari c 3-9x36 plexs
bases and rings conetrol steel custom deluxe
entire weight of the rifle with 5 shots in the magazine: 3.240kgs

loads and final speeds

bullet: 130grs nosler-win silver tip combinet tech
primer: cci br-2
case: 243 win w-w
case trim: 5.18cm
entire length: 7.20cm
powder: imr-4350
it loads: 51.0grs
vel: 3100fps
comments: very precise ½ ” to 100 meters and 1 ” to 300 meters.

bullet: 130grs sbt sierra gameking
primer cci br-2
case: 243 win w-w
case trim: 5.18cm
entire length: 7.20cm
powder: imr-4350
it loads: 51.0grsg
vel: 3090fps
comments: very precise ½ ” to 100 meters and 1 1/4 ” to 300 meters.

Now in the following hunting season of coues deer, I’ll give him the suitable use, the truth this rifle is precise, light and it does not stamp on anything it is a marvelous rifle.

Best Regards
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