Squirrel stir fry teriyaki

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Nov 17, 2008

4-5 squirrels - quartered
1 can 14oz. mixed vegetables- corn green beans, pea, carrots, lima beans, dice potatoes
1 can 7oz. of mushrooms
1 medium onion

boil the squirrels, remove meat from bone

stir fry the meat, vegatables, mushrooms, diced onion in a well oiled wok, high temp.

add teriyaki approx. 5-7oz. more or less to taste

stir fry until browned.

add prepared 1/4 to 1/3 lb spagetti, lingunie, or rice, mix until pasta or rice is also browned, either by the teryaki or heat

eat up! delicious.
ummmm:) Varmint Viddles...keep that up and your going to give the Food Network a run for their money.
a few more:


brown quartered and backstraps of the squirrel in a frying pan using olive oil, remove and set aside.

with your favorite mixture of water (only use half of what you would normally use)and corn starch, make a gravy (or use ready to use pork gravy mix) add marsala wine to make up for the 1/2 less water used.

in a seperate pan, sautee mushrooms in butter / light garlic.

the stuffing can be your favorite stuffing recipe, stove top, or pieces of bread mixed with eggs, black pepper. i sometimes add crab or clam meat in a can to the stuffing.

stuff ribcage section with stuffing, bake until brown.

i like to use a bed of wild rice, placing quarters on top with mushrooms and marsala gravy, with the stuffed ribcages on the side.


boil squirrel until meat is "almost falling off the bone".

remove meat from bone, mix with louisiana hot sauce, buffalo wing flavor, set to the side.

in a square semi deep pan, put a layer of cream cheese, 3/4" to an 1" deep.

put a layer of the squirrel, then a layer of shredded cheddar cheese. bake in oven at 350 until the cheese starts bubbling.

mix with spoon, flatten out in pan, top with chunky bleu cheese dressing, serve with chips.
Top predator, are you just teasing us or is there an invite for dinner coming at some point?:)
...wait a second, your profile says you live in florida, since i usually make a squirrel dish for the daytona 500, maybe we can make a deallightbulb
Darn and I thought I was going to get to see some snow this year in NE Pa. Only kidding I've been through Easton during the winter and toooooo cold for me. Although I got to tell ya Florida ain't been exactly Florida type weather this year what with more than a dozen morning at or below 32 throughout the winter. having said that it's crazy cause it'll **** near take all night to get to 32 then back up to 60 in the day...for 3 days now with another 2 days so they say. Then back to more seasonable 65-70 and lows of 45-50ish which is about right once mid February passes.
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