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Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Decided I would repost here, since SP guys tend to look here for such topics.

WTRC 2012
Darrell Holland and I teamed up to compete for the 2012 WTRC (Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship). We have shot together some, hunted together once, but had never competed together until this match.
We both felt Darrell was a better wind caller, so that left me to be the one on the trigger for the LR targets. Out to 1K with bonus targets beyond 1000 yards. Darrell would shoot the carbine targets which went out to 500 yards with some bonus targets further. Some targets would not allow you to engage them from the prone position, but we expected this and our planning worked out well on those targets. Pistol shooting was out to 50 yards with those small 3” triangles also being bonus targets. We took turns engaging the pistol targets.
Darrell had picked up a slightly used JP AR-15 stoked with Black Hills 5.56 ammo with 77 grain SMK’s. Leupold VX-3 4.5-14 with the MOA ART Reticle.
For this match we thought quick reloading would be an advantage for me, since I am usually using a single-shot, and having a non-designated 700 LA on hand sure didn’t hurt.
We decided on the 6.5-06 for ease of feeding with detachable mags.
McRee chassis, Jewell trigger, Holland pinned recoil lug, Holland base, Leupold Mark 4 rings, Holland Level, Leupold VX-3 4.5-14 I had won at the MOA Handgun match was sent away to get the all MOA ART reticle.
Krieger 1-8T with Holland’s Gen 2 Radial brake.
This SP is affectionately called “Thunder!”
After the first course, I didn’t feel satisfied with some of the LR shots, as we had some tough wind conditions. In spite of that, we were in 2nd place after our first course.
Darrell and I had some miscues as we go about things differently, but as time progressed our communication got better, and we began to hit on all cylinders.
After our second course on Friday we again held second place. We were both pleased for sure.
To make a long story short we continued to hold 2nd place through every course, including the team on team.
Darrell is an awesome spotter and shooter. As an example, on our last field course we had a LR bonus target right at ¼ of a mile. Darrel gave me the dope, and my first shot centered it. The bonus targets are small upside 3” triangles (3” at the base of the triangle). Second shot smacked it again. That is something I will remember for awhile. It also goes to the quality components we used and by Darrell’s ability to build extremely accurate rigs. I made every shot prone with a two finger hold. My thumb against the back the chassis and my trigger finger lightly touching that Jewell trigger.
When I redid my load development last week and used Hybrid 100V my MV went to 2881 with a 3-shot group off of a bi-pod and small pillow bag measuring .155
While getting drops confirmed out 1100 yards I had two shot groups at 950 and 1100 yards that measured 2 inches and @ 1100 even smaller when shooting prone.
If anyone ever doubted the capability of a Specialty Handgun when shooting in field conditions at distance against experienced rifle shooters, that myth should be put to rest.
I am still slower from shot-to-shot compared to a rifleman, but accuracy wise I am not disadvantaged.
Darrell and I are already in the process of making changes to make us even better next year.
This is the first time I can ever remember being this pleased when coming in second.

Here is some links about the match if you are interested:
WTRC Overview & Sign-up
WTRC Rules & Scoring




.155 group earlier last week:

ART MOA Reticle
You two are to be congratulated for your dedication, skill and persistence.

Your combined skills at this match go a long ways towards showing what can be done.

Ya'll are great role models, all the way around.

God Speed!
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