Spacemaster or swift big eyes.


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Mar 25, 2003
Spoke to several companies regarding the spacemaster and swift panthers. The only one that has the spacemasters in the crinkle coat wanted 339.00 a piece. As for the swift panthers, nobody has them in stock. Phoned jerry phillips and he wanted 1300 for the Baush and lomb with turret eyepieces.(I would love these but not for the $) You would think that with this high of demand that someone would start to manufacture these again. Hart's is now dealing with Oberwerk Big Binoculars. Does anybody have any suggestions or other options?
I am looking at a low cost alternative now and will need a couple of weeks to evaluate.
I have the new Swarovski's now for the high end guys.
I tried to contact them but they have a very extensive phone system and referred me to several areas. The phone kept hanging up.
That's odd, I deal with them quite often and never had any trouble. They are the cheapest place that I've found the Swifts. I wouldn't give up yet. The no. I use is 1-800-947-7785
or 212-444-6635 . I see now they are a special order item 3-7 days to get to BH.
Ask for the OPTICS dept. Good Luck with it.
Thanks for the info, I will call them today. I had a different number. By the way, will the swift panther scopes work in the big eyes bracket? I have heard different things about this.
I phoned BH today and they do not have them in stock and do not know when they will get them in.
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