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Aug 12, 2019
Does anyone have any reviews of SKRE gear? Im looking at the Hardscrabble jacket. I know its not waterproof but how does it do when it gets wet?
I bought some of their merino base layers on closeout that were dyed blue and deeply discounted. Figured it didn't matter since they'd never be seen. They're really nice, just as good or maybe even slightly better than my first lite merino that would be the equivalent product. Sometimes I think my first lite llanos are itchy. It's probably just me and my own head but the SKRE ones haven't made me feel that way.
I saw they had the discounted merino, only had really big but i wanted to buy some at the price they were offering. Happy to hear you like them
My hard Hardscrabble jacket came in last week...seems to be a quality jacket. The sizing is probably more true to size compared to my Sitka. The SKRE XL should allow for a hoody underneath and the Sitka definitely does. The jackets will have different uses so Im ok with the Sitka being a little bigger. As for the waterproofing, I havent actually worn this yet so Im not sure. Ill do a test here in the next day to two to see what it can do. Otherwise I like this jacket just the little time I had it on in the house.
I have had the Hardscrabble jacket and pants for several years and they work very well. The jacket will take a light rain storm no problem. If it starts raining really hard it will work long enough to get you under a tree or back to the rig.
I just came across SKRE gear last week and was wondering the same. They seem to have great deals on bundles.
Haven’t had a chance to try in the rain. On my way right now for a trip in Montana, supposed to have rain so it will be trial by fire.

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