Rain gear


Mar 8, 2020
Looking for some high end rain gear for an upcoming Alaska hunt. Thinking kuiu Yukon or first lite seak, but open to other suggestions. Any thoughts?
I can't say much cause I'm looking for clothes myself, but what I do know is that I might have found the right backpack, for me at least. https://popular.reviews/best-hiking-backpacks/#6_WASING_55L_Internal_Frame It's water-resistant and seems quite ok when it comes to how much stuff I can put in it. Looking for boots too at the moment, have my heart set on some Timberland boots I saw a friend wearing, will look for them online. Good luck, pal!
Ive run the kuiu chugach,and it seemed good bowhunting here. On my trips to AK I had no $,had some kind off yellow commercial type,was good for rain,and waves crashing over our 16' smokercraft on inside passage.
I have a couple sets of Kuiu rain gear. While I have not hunted in multiple day downpour conditions, I have hunted in continuous rain for 10+ hours and stayed dry.

I have two sets of Kuiu Yukon (and I wear the pants during snow hunting as an outer layer all hunt long during late seasons), and a set of Chugach for warmer weather wet hunting.
Not that I’m biased, but Kuiu. I’m selling one, but only to replace it with the same in a larger size. I’m keeping the Kuiu Kutana rain pants - they’re great.
I’m using the KUIU Chugach set as I wanted some stretch to it for easy movement
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