Skre clothing

A buddy is trying out their warm weather pants this year. He had to use their size guarantee as they were small compared to his everyday clothes. He liked what he has seen so far though.

I personally have not used them but was seriously considering a bundle before I scored some lightly used sitka.

They have a bit of a following over at rokslide too.
I did get the elk bundle. It is way better than the Walmart stuff I have always used. I'm happy with the purchase. They did have the hoodie on backorder for some time so I didn't have it on my first trip. Later I got the hoodie and with all the layers it is very warm but not bulky. I will recommend there stuff to anyone.
I have a lot of skre stuff. There customer service is great and there clothes fit well.
I ripped a pair of unita pants called and asked how much to repair. They sent me a new pair after I sent mine in. Had the silicone band coming off from a pair of hard scrable pants they replaced them too. On both pairs I explained it was my fault and I expected to pay.
I have the merino 1/4 zip 150 top and I will say I use it as a single layer and average days, base layer on cool mornings and will use it as a mid layer on cold days. Very versatile and and made well