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Dec 7, 2009
New Brunswick, Canada
Hey there, new guy to the site & I have a question for you.
I did a quick search & didn't really find what I was looking for,

Question, what is the best way or technique to shoot a magnum rifle for testing new loads at the range?

I have a stock Remington 700 BDL in 300 UM & I find it hard to test new loads for accuracy because I can't relax to shoot the gun, I have to hold the crap out of it to keep the gun from flying all over the place.

My average group is around 1.5" for this gun & I know it can do better, all my other guns are under an inch & I belive it's because I can relax to shoot them.

I read on the forums all the time about sub 1" moa groups fired from big guns & wonder how they are doing it, & yes I realize that alot are lying but I know some aren't.

Thanks for the help
I used a Caldwell lead sled with good results. I would caution,however; you should change to a hunting position for final sighting in before a hunt.....Rich:D
Alot of the guns here have muzzle brakes and quiet often weigh much more than a 700 BDL @ 7.5lbs and with scope maybe 9.5lbs or so. In addition alot of these guys have been shooting forever, have aquired the skills and are no strangers to large magnums.
If I were you I would get a brake put on it or a lead sled like they said. Shooting big guns without brakes is no fun I agree.
I have a Sendero 300 RUM which is about a lb or so heavier than your BDL. I have no problems shooting it without a brake. I use a slip-on recoil pad and I can fire it all day long with no issues - no exageration. In one 2 hour afternoon session I fired 50 rounds for load work. No soreness at all. The other day I fired it at the range and had forgot the slip-on. I was wearing a fairly heavy Carhart coat and I was fine.

Technique is very important. You must have the butt fitted firmly in the pocket of your shoulder and not the ball. If it's not firm or in the wrong spot,you're gonna get punished. I have a little jump, but not much at all and it shoots very well. I like shooting it. I like the big push it gives me. Having a bipod might help dampen the jump also, but having a firm grip on the palm swell and loading on the bipod a little helps.

I'm not bothered by the recoil, I don't have a problem shooting the gun all morning, I just can't use the same shooting style with my bigger guns as I do with my smaller calibre guns= very relaxed with little tension, I might have to look into a lead sled or something.
I have been using a thick foam pad between the butt and my shoulder when I shoot my 338 RUM or it gets punishing. My new 338 barrel is going to have a break on it.
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