shot angle

Thanks for the reply, maybe I worded this incorrectly. You are at point A the game is at point B below you. What is the angle from point A to B?

shooter has a feature that detects the angle, as Riley said push the timer button, lay it you barrel. the timer runs for 5sec takes a reading and calculates it into the firing solution automatically. It's pretty cool!
Hold your arm out in front of you or straight out to the side parallel to the ground. That's 9 o'clock.

Straight up or down at 12 or 6 is 90 deg off level.

7:30 and 10:30 are 45 Deg off of level.

Each hour mark represents 30 degrees, half of that 15.

You can get a pretty close approximation of the angle by simply pointing your finger at the target and figuring what hour mark that angle represents.

Or go by an app or a scope angle cosine indicator and save the math if you haven't worked up to a shooter app in the budget yet and are still working off of range/wind charts.
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