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Jul 19, 2009
Im looking for a new shooting bag.
Any reccomendations?
I have the caldwell tack driver its ok but im looking for better
Anyone tried the bulls bag?
theX7 Bulls Bag Advantage looks intersting but also looks bulky
I use the Caldwell dead shot front rest. I've had several bags built for me of different sizes and have filled them with everything from sand to pvc pellets. In the end I go back to the dead shot front rest filled with untreated corn cob media (its the lightest filler I have used that gives consistent results), and a hanes sock filled with 2lbs of lentils for a rear bag. The best rest is the one you use.
I use the bullsbag all the time. Mine is filled with walnut hulls. Its nice the way it really pinches your gun in place for steady shooting. I made a little box to set it on, which works out just right with a small rear bag.

I highly recommend the bulls bag. Get one and grab a sack of walnut hulls from the bird section of your local mega pet store, and a funnel from the kitchen....
+1 on the dog-gone-good bags. Check out the medium, pricey but work well.
I have a Bulls Bag. This is my second one. The wife ran over the first one with the lawn mower ... don't ask ... This one just happens to have a logo on it. I filled mine with rice.

I must know more this sounds just to funny
how the hell did she run it over with a lawn mower?
+1 w/retiredcpo. At least tell us, was it by accident or on purpose?
I have a large area that I have to mow, about 22 acres. My primary mower is a 30 horsepower Kubota with a 6' under carriage mower deck. We also have a small zero clearance mower that we use for trim work around trees and such. During the summer we keep the zero clearance mower in the garage for quick access. The wife keeps the area around the house pretty well manicured during mowing season with the small mower and I do the large area with the Kubota.

One range day I came back and unloaded the vehicle and set some stuff on the small mower. The wife got the urge to mow and moved some stuff off the mower but before I knew what was going on she backed the mower out with my shooting bag still on the gas tank. Both are black and she just didn't see it. She was not aware that it was there and it fell off the first time she backed up the mower while doing the trim work and the bag was history. If anyone needs a testimony for bag vs mower durability I can tell you the mower wins hands down.

Here's a couple of pics of the property. I'm in Upstate NY. My wife took the picture of the bruiser in the apple orchard about 200 yards from the house. That's me on the old John Deere tractor.




I also use a DogGone Good bag. I like mine very much. My only complaint is that I'm not that keen on it with a narrow hunting style forend. Then I think the Bulls type design that some of my friends use may be preferable. I suggest you try both if friends have them.

The DGG is really well made. Nice people to deal with.
Rear Shooting bag for Collapsable stocks?

Anyone found a good rear bag that fits the AR style collapsable well since they are shaped ackward?
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