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I am surprise none of you use Shepherd scopes,they are great for long range, I have 3 of them, even today Select Special operations units are loving them in the Sand box!
Glad to hear you are having good luck with the Shepherd scopes.I liked their concept.I truly hope our troops have as good luck with them as you have. My luck has not been so good.I have one that I am selling.
I echo Texas Dave. Great concept, but the optical quality seems to lack. Havent looked through any newer versions though....sakofan.
texas dave-

if i may ask what is your expirence with the scopes. i have a friend looking to buy one for his carry 338-378 wthby thanks
I like their scopes. The only problem I ran into was that the bullet needs to be almost tailored to the drop of the scope, instead of the other way around. I have one on my .308 for medium range <600 yds and like it. It makes it REALLY easy to range with the reticles. I went head to head with a mil-dot and we both had about the same deviation from actual, but the shepherd was MUCH faster to range. Just my $.02....
I have the P2 I believe. It is the one for a 300 win mag. Anyway I could not get it to hold a zero. I thought I had it corrected and when I took it on a Elk hunt I again was not able to get it to hold its setting. the cross hairs would not move and then would jump a good distance. I love the scope's concept but I want a scope that I can trust. I personally am sorry I bought it. My luck with Leupold and others has been much better. This is my two cents
I had that happen with a Redfield on a 300 WinMag just before an elk hunt. It was very frustrating. The rifle would zero fine, and then the third shot would be 10in high at 100yds and about 4 in. left; mounts and rings were fine. The scope had failed. But I've never had any problems with any of the three Shepherds that I'm using and I've used them since I bought my first one in 1985.
I agree on the Shepard's they are a fantastic scope for the money and especially good for hunters. They are a true hunting scope and can take a beating. They are also unconditionally guaranteed I believe, and if you have a problem Mr. Shepard will probably listen and fix it or replace what's needed. Being a family owned business makes it quite personal. Optical quality, better than anything even close to it's price range. It's Nikon glass ath this time, special coated on both sides and the clarity with respect to light is more similar to a Trijicon which is important to me hunting early and late.
They are being made in the Bosch & Lomb factory, I believe. However, the glass is comparable to Loupold 40mm lenses and I've only had one P-2 lose its zero, and that only by 1/2 moa at most-always to the right, for some reason. Never while hunting or carrying, so it may be a parallax issue, or my glasses. I've seen several snipers use it over here in Afghanistan and in Iraq, on M14s that have been accurized. They've told me they love it because of the 1st rd hit capability on multiple targets. I think most of the complaints I've read are due to not practicing with the scope and not following instructions. And they are unconditionally guaranteed. The Shepherd folks rebuilt my 1985 model Shootist scope for $15.00 shipping and handling. I've just bought a P1A for my .300wm and checked the ballistics for my loads at 8000 ft. It will match to within 6in to 1000yds with a zero of 225yds and that's minute of elk in anyone's book. For those of us who can't afford the high-dollar rifles and scopes that's good enough for me.
Amen, if the demand gets to0 high, these move up in price. It would be interesting to see if they would jump to either a 3mm tube or 50 objective. I do like the slimmer profile and less weight on my rifle though.
Im a guessing that the new PSTs and the sightrons with a real reticle are gonna hurt the shepherd even more than the NFs did. They are considered a joke where I am at and you cant even give one away. That being said I could make one work but why would I when I can score a 1 or 2 MOA reticle for the same $$$.
Cool scope 20 years ago. Now....not so much. And yes over the years I have seen more shepherds not work right than any other brand, of course 20 yrs ago there was nothing like them so I guess you have to keep that in mind.
In the end I would not buy a shepherd for over $100 dollars.
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