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Jan 9, 2004
Dallas, Texas
I have one. Save your money unless you want mine then send me your money..
Seriously I think their consept is great but the scope just does not hold up. I am sorry I bought the one I 2 cents


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Dec 26, 2012
Colorado, currently
I just found this forum, and thought you might like to hear from someone who has used Shepherds for several years. First, they work. Second, it takes time to really learn how to use one. Third, if you don't follow Dan's directions you won't zero it. However, if your mounts are good and your rings are aligned, and you follow directions, its easy to zero and the scope will allow you to hit targets at unknown distances with the first shot. And the reticle for ranging and bullet drop is adjustable, with 1" at 100 yd tick marks along the edges of the crosshair reticle, so if you know your ballistics at different altitudes you can adjust the circles for bullet drop and be within 4 or 5 inches out to 800 to 1000yds. I have adjusted the circles for drop on different loads for the same rifle and hit at 700meters or about 770yds. Then I adjusted back to zero for the origional loads. Its a versitile scope. The optics are just as good as a Leupold VXIII or a Burris, too. They may not match some of the 2000.oo scopes, but I've shot deer with 5min left of legal light at 300yds with them. I think that's good enough. (twice they were neck shots after my friends had given up on their scopes). You can also read Mr. McMillan's take on Shepherds in one of these forums. I think he would be a good judge and has a good take on the scopes and the company.

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