Scope sight in issues? Suggestions?


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Jul 24, 2012
Sugar Hill GA
scope: Burris Veracity 5-30x50
Mounts: NF 20MOA rail
Rings: Burris extreme tactical

Went to range today to dial in the new mount... all mounted properly, rings lapped, level mounted...

Scope would not dial up to target center... 1.5 feet below target or more is as far as it would dial up.
Move to medium or high mounts? Or other?
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Sounds to me like there is something wrong that ring height wont fix.....with a 20 MOA base, if you have any problems, it would be that you are hitting too HIGH to sight in at 100, as the base gives you more elevation in your turret. If the base is installed the correct orientation, I think theres somthing going on internally with your scope.
In other words..... you would have to go to a 40 MOA base to help you get your impact higher on target. Any rifle/scope combo should get on center with a zero MOA base. The base should be thicker at the back of the rifle on a 20 MOA base....I'm not sure if you can reverse them and still have the holes line up. Good Luck, I hope you figure it out!
When you adjust the scope with the gun solidly in place, are the crosshairs moving on your bullet impacts change ...and if they they change the same amount that you dialed in?

Also, if you are hitting LOW and can't get upt to zero, you may have the 20MOA base on backward (if that is even possable). BUT, you should still be able to find a 100 yard zero, you would just be on the wrong end of the adjustment scale.

Hey thanks for the responses.
1. It is a Magnum Research mountain eagle that I ordered 20 years ago. LH. Ueses remington style bases
2. Moved to new 30 mm scope, rail, Burris mounts after 20 years of leupold rings, and Leupold and Zeiss scopes.
3. 7 MM magnum, always been 1/2 MOA Shooter or better
4. Could not adjust up at all at range so did not want to waste ammo.
5. 1.5 ft -2.0 ft low from crosshairs to looking through barrel, no adj to move up on target. Crosshairs very low, while barrel on target.
6. Shot few times, no hits at all.
7. checked rail at home. Mounted correctly as only 1 way to mount rail.
Had this happen to me once that gave me a similiar issue. One scope mount was a high and the other was a medium...Just something else to check.
Here is rifle


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