Scope protection / ring slippage


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Apr 29, 2004
Here's a tip for those of you who hate ring marks on the tube of your expensive scope .Wrap the section of tube underneath the rings with 2 layers of teflon thread sealing tape (plumbers tape) .
After wrapping I find that the rings grip the tube much better than metal on metal and that scopes no longer slip under heavy recoil .Adhesive tapes aren't any good as after a few months the glue deteriorates and acts like a lubricant when subjected to pressure from the rings .
Aussie: Here is a Very Good tip that I have been using for a l o n g time and it works excellent. Go to your local musical instrument store and purchase a chunck of Violin Rossin. With the scope removed from the rings, use a piece of snad paper to lightly dust the bottom of the rings. Smooth it out a bit with your fingers and mount the scope. Now, tighten your rings down to perhaps six inch pounds of torque. You will notice that the tube is in there and will not move and you didn't have to over toque the screws.

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