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Dec 14, 2008
Just picked up my 700 Rem. Sendero in a 7mm. What's the better scope for a long range rig. The Huskemaw, or Grey bull scopes?

Or do I go with a Nightforce?
Both look pretty sweet. If it was me I would prob go with the grey bull. Im a big Leupold fan and they have a great customer service/ warranty service if something was to ever happen to it. Im not saying Huskemaw doesn't its just I dont own one. I would just go with the company that has been around for awhile. Just my opinion... Hope this helps....
I highly recomend the Huskemaw. Had one on my 7 STW that I sold and thought it was a great scope. I like the Huskemaw turrets better, and find the reticle less confusing than the Grey Bull. Also like the ranging feature on the eyepiece end of the Huskemaw.
Of the 3 that you mentioned I'd take the Nightforce in a heart beat.

Leupold doesn't repair scopes moified by others to my knowledge. Huskemaw is a new kid on the block and Nightforce is time tested and the customer service is top notch IME
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Edober, what is your criteria, whats important to you? For example things like quality of glass, reliability, ruggedness, weight, cost, type of turrets, moa increments, reticles, distances/type of shooting, warranty, manufactures viability to stay in business...what's important to you. Define your criteria as much as possible and the choice may become easier for you and others to offer suggestions/feedback.:)
NF no questions. Proven scopes, customer service is absolutely the best I have ever had to work with, best reticle options (NP-R1) and they have the best feeling turrets in my opinion.

I guess my criteria is that I want the best scope for long range shooting. I would like to get to point where I could make a 1000 yard shot. I'm not there yet, and I understand that it will take a lot of patience and practise. But, I want the best possible scope for the money. I don't mind spending upto $3000 if that is what it takes. It just means I will have to save a little longer. I want great quality glass, and a great quality optic.
What system of adjusting for elevation and wind you are interested in and whether it's primarily a hunting optic might be the best place to start. Weight and size may be factor on a hunting rig. To clarify a post earlier in this thread, our Leupolds carry the full lifetime warranty. If we can help with any info on our optic, feel free to call or email anytime.

Good luck in your decision - new scopes are fun!
Edober, So far I'm hearing: scope for long range shooting, make a 1000 yard shot, great quality glass, and a great quality optic and willing to spend up to $3000. I don't think you can wrong with Nightforce, Leupold, Zeiss or US Optics but, as I mentioned earlier and as Don Ward mentioned defining your criteria further would help to maybe narrow down the field. Let us know.

I took a look at the GREY BULL website and I was impressed. Do you ship to Canada?

Im not sure what you mean by system for adjusting elevation? I noticed the 20-40 moa picatinny rails, is this what your referring to? Can you enlighten me as to what you would recommend? It will be my primary long range hunting rig for elk, deer, mosse, and antelope.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be mounting the scope on a remington model 700 sendero 7mm mag. What base and ring system do you reccomend?

As far as giving you the ballistic information for the turrets, how would I know this until the scope is mounted?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I think you may have the answers I need to make this gun a tack driver!

edober, I pm'd you.

Greybull will not ship to Canada.

You can get one imported but costs around $700 to import or so I am told.

If you want the best....and money is no object I would suggest looking at top of line Swarovski, Zeiss, or S&B.

There are a couple of users on here that REALLY recommend the Sightron SIII .

I am in same boat as you shopping for good quality but I am going to limit myself to $1200, which I think will be more than enough scope for 1000 yards.
Thanks Corey,

No hurry for me, I've got all winter to decide.

NF might still be an option, I'm still thinking about it.
Thanks Corey,

No hurry for me, I've got all winter to decide.

NF might still be an option, I'm still thinking about it.

Keep in mind the BIG NF scopes are pretty heavy and NOT well suited to a rifle your gonna carry all day long, but they do have a compact model.
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