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Mar 22, 2003
Having spent the last 7 hours reading old posts on this site I feel this is THE place to best get an answer to my question...
My new Robar RC50-F will be finished this coming week and I need to choose a scope and mounts for it. I plan on shooting at paper targets from 500-1200 yards, with the occasional 2000 yard shot thrown in just for fun. I want a ranging type reticle, but am unsure of which style.
My current short list is:
Leupold Mark IV 16x w/Gen II
Horus Vision 4-16x50 w/H19
Horus Vision S/B 4-16x50 w/H12 (a "Heavy" H2)
Lightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 reticle/undecided
Lightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 reticle/undecided
Lightforce NXS 8-32x56 reticle/undecided
US Optics SN-3 3.3-22x MkIV reticle/undecided

I would prefer a front focal plane reticle, but am worried that having variable power is more important (Mark IV vs. NXS). I know I need a fair amount of elevation to shoot at 2000 yards, but how much can I get by with if a 20 MOA base is used? What would be the minimum eye relief I should have? What about strength, will the 50 cal "push-pull" recoil be too harsh on some of these scopes?

As for rings and base, Badger seems to get alot of good reviews, but should I consider others as well?

This list of questions could go on forever...

In the end, I guess that I would ask your recommendation based upon your experiences with these scopes and mounts, good and bad, in their use on a 50 cal rifle to be used in the field, not off a bench.

Thanks for helping in this decision...
To help confuse you a little more let me add a 16x IOR to your list.|url.token|
$750,great glass & a lot of adjustment.The MP8 retical is simalar to the R2 Nightforce for tactical use.Depending on alianment,if you put on a 40MOA base + 100MOA(internal of the scope) + 10MOA(retical adjustment) you might be able to shoot???? A long ways=CJ

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If you're shooting the 750 A-Max (or equivalent), you will need 80+ moa to go from 100yd zero to 2000 yds.

While a 20 taper will help, it won't solve your problem, unless you are using a scope with 150-ish of elevation. There are very few scopes that have that much elevation.

If you want to shoot some of the more interesting projectiles (lke the M8, the M48, etc) you will need much more than 80 moa.

If money is no object the us optics has the most adjustment.
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