Scope base Mauser 98


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Sep 12, 2009
Edwall, Wa
I have one mauser 98 action it is a Charles Daly. The first mauser action I worked on has the same problem with the scope screws. The one piece mounts I tried the front screws were OK but only the rear screw nearest the reciever cutout was OK. I finally had to redrill the rear hole. Does any one know who makes a single scope base that will fit without drilling.
I have a custom BRNO 98 in 7mm-08. Gunsmith mis drilled one rear base hole. He got a blank Weaver and drilled the base to fit the holes. This was a two piece base; works fine now.
Doug Thanks for the help. The holes were drilled at the factory. What amazes me is the companies that have the one piece bases thier rear hole are 1/2 hole off.
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