Scanned some Deer Hunting pictures


Nice pictures. Which gun was the MK shot out of? How many yards away? That is one hell of an exit wound. Did you and Al shoot those deer on Chester's property (the one that borders the park)?

That Alberta buck was 178 (or maybe 174) yards (I didn't write it down as it was pretty close). The 300 grain MatchKing was shot out of my 338RUM, it made a fair sized hole in that deer but the deer still managed to continue on for about 30 yards.

Those 2 small bucks I shot with the bow were up tight to the Park on Chester's place. Al's shotgun deer was on Chester's place on King's Valley Rd, behind Baker Middle School and the muzzleloader doe was on Jimmy Johnson's place off Hawkin's Creamery Rd I believe.

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Now wait a minute (looking at your pictures). How on earth do you get 2 archery bucks in the same day? Nice going.
Nice Buck Dave

I especially like the Alberta 8 Point as My buddy has relatives there and wants to drag me up there every year.

Good going.

Dave, that was nice pictures and there are always huge Alberta deer out there. I couldn't believe when I saw the Alberta deer neck!
It was huge.
Did the 300 SMK hit any of those shoulders and expand a bigger exit hole?

We can shoot 4 deer during archery season (in this region), 2 does then 2 bucks (there must be 2 checked does before the second buck).

The Alberta buck only required one shot (they're not as tough as they look!).
Man, four deer! I wish it was like that here in Utah. I am going to hunt doe and buck this next year to satisfy my craving to hunt.

That's 4 archery deer in this one region, StateWide we can shoot just about an unlimited number of deer (in some areas archery does are unlimited once an extra tag is purchased $5.00). On bucks we are limited to about 18 or so. Non-Resident fees are reasonable and there's always room for more hunters.
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