savage striker 502 22mag


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Apr 17, 2008
I just picked up one of these and want to know everyones thoughts on this for a practice with a SP with a few tweeks. I kinda figure a trigger will be first on the list
Well, since its already a rear trigger, I would guess a swap would be in order.

Next is a new barrel, and stock, and a scope, and lots of shooting.

Sounds great! There are number of optics choices you could go with, but i'd put a 2.5-8x Nikon Force handgun scope on top. Comes with a low profile tgt. turret and BDC reticle that'll net you 15 MOA to lower post tip. Turret's rated at 40 MOA travel, which'll probably be around 20-30 MOA useable, with a set of Burris Zee rings and offset inserts. Total useable for longer range shooting oughtta' be about 40 or so. Have fun sir!
That would sound like fun.. but I'm thinking about going with a rifle scope somewhere in the range of a 4-16... does anyone knowi about the rifle basix trigger for it? Sounds like good reviews. Also what about custom stocks? Also been toying with the idea of turning it into a 17hmr with a 16" heavy barrel... any thoughts?
Thanks guys
Anyone else have any suggestions? Ideas where to get a custom stock? And/or if itd be worth putting a custom barrel on in either 17hmr. Or leaving it 22mag.
You may be a little hard-pressed here to get a lot of opinions. There are a number of good sources here such as Larry, and Neal, but your best bet is to go over to Specialty Pistols and post your ?'s there. That site has more SS info than any other around.
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