Savage striker


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Apr 5, 2015
Well I’m awaiting my first bolt pistol savage 308win with the 1/4 turn brake. Any bullet suggestions and powder. If I get lucky to find dies and brass.
If you have a good rifle load, it more than likely will work as well in the Striker. I shoot mostly 165’s in my Encore pistol.
The Striker would have different be better imho if it was offered as a single shot. Loaded up in the factory stock with glass it wasn’t far off of a rifle weight wise.
Owned a couple and have shot several, all of them had good to excellent accuracy.
I'm using my rifle loads in mine to start but I swapped barrels before I got real accurate loads dialed in. I tend to use Varget for 308 loads. I have two Striker's, three bolts, 6 barrels and 4 stocks plus some miscellaneous parts. Right now one is set up in 7mm-08 and the other has an Accurate Rifle systems chassis stock with a 6mmbr barrel and rear ELF trigger.
It might help to know what you intend to do with such requested loads. Target or hunting and what is the intended game?
Deer and 300-400 yards only if I’m confident enough.coldfinger said he used Sierra 165 in it.
a 308 Striker, eh? My Pops had one that was a hoot with 125 noslers along with a few other mid-lightweight pills. Seems like he was running aa2460 to top charge weights. I know the 516 in 308 he had was very accurate; I could dump three in 1/4" at 100yds on a calm day multiple times in a row.