Savage or Rem. 243


May 3, 2003
I am looking at a Sav mod 12 or Rem 700 in 243 for some long range pdogging. Any info would be appreciated. I already have a .223 and 22.250 and would like to know if the 243 is capable of 600 to 800 yrd. shots. Thanks
Howdy Mr. Deadeye,
Both will do a good job, but both will need triggers and tweeking and some quality handloading. I would go with the one with the fastest twist! FYI, get on a search engine and search for"1000 yard benchrest" Go to "Page" NW Benchrest" There you can go to the results of their last shoot{April 12th and 13th} and they list equipment used. The 6mm is doing very, very good at 1000 yds, so 600 to 800 should be some what of a breeze. Good luck, and keep shooting center!!!
take a hard look at the Savage, new trigger system, out of the box shooter. I have a 10fp in 223, saved $$ and fun to shoot. I did replace the trigger but the new ones have great adjustable trigger.
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