Savage long range 260


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Oct 11, 2011
I just bought one now, what do I need to do to it, new trigger? New crown? I am new to long range. Also if it needs things who is a good person to really make it shine?
Thanks in advance
First thing you need to do is take it out & shoot it. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. There is nothing wrong with the accu-trigger once you get used to it. The LRP will shoot with most customs for a lot less in the $$$ department. Do yourself a HUGE favor:

Buy the very best Scope/Rings/base that you can afford. Don't skimp here. I have & would personally recommend a Murphy Precision picatinny rail & a high quality set of rings from American Rifle Company, NightForce, Badger, Seekins or Leupy MK4's (pretty much in that order).

Optics are another debate all together, jump into the optics section & read. When you're done reading, read some more. Do your homework. If you can't afford a hight end scope, search the classifieds here & on Sniper's Hide. You can buy a slightly used NightForce, MK4 or USO for several hundred buckaroos less than new & retain the outstanding factory warranty.

Night force 3.5 x15 x50 what reticle I was looking at npr1with zero stop but surely will take advice
You are most definitely on the right track. NightForce has an outstanding track record. The 15x max magnification will limit your range somewhat but it will get you to at least 1k.

Your reticle choice is also spot on. Great place to start, I think you will be surprised by the performance of that little Savage.

Do you think the gun warrants the bigger night force 5 x 22 I think. Also who would you call to buy the rail and rings that with description of gun would sell me the right stuff?
Thanks your info is very helpful
I was just looking at night force and the reticles. Is the velocity 1000 any better than npr1 with zero stop?
There are many optics dealers who are sponsors here that could give you an informed, intelligent answer to your optic mounting needs. The 5.5-22 is among the best choices for long range hunting. I have no experience with the Velocity Reticle, I don't see any advantages over the NP-R1.

Great Businesses I have dealt with:

Midway USA (shipping is a little expensive)
CS Tactical
Liberty Optics
Murphy Precision

Go to Their prices are reasonable and sometimes much lower than other vendors. They offer a huge selection of bases and rings. May want to look at EGW for their HD Base 20MOA and there HD Rings. I really like the EGW bases. They also have a host of other good optics options. Sightron SIII would need a good look at. The 8-32 or 6-24 would be the way to go.

'tank, thanks for the addition of SWFA, they are also a reputable & highly respected company to deal with. They should be more than capable of assisting the OP in selecting a Quality set of mounts.

As others have said get a good scope and mount, NF is a great choice. Next best investment would be reloading equipment, if you do not own already, and work up the load your rifle likes! I have found 260 Rem an extremely easy caliber for load development. I suggest lapua brass, H4350 powder, and 142gr SMKs (target use) for bullets. Next, get a suppressor if it is legal in your state. A suppressed 260 is one sweet rifle to shoot.

Excellent choice on caliber! It is a really versatile round and SOOO easy to shoot well! You will love it!

thanks I will be loading for hunting. if target shooting it will be with the bullets i would hunt with. I like shooting hogs but would like to be better at longer range.i don't think i will use a long range rifle in africa but here I need to learn as many tricks as i can
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