Savage 223 1x9 twist


Oct 25, 2009
26in barrel, whats the heavest bullet i can get away with and still have stability,

Thanks in advance. ed
Some barrels will shoot the heavies better than others, although you still need to push them hard. my 1:9 SPS Tactical will not shoot the 75gr A-Maxes better than 1.5MOA, however, it averages just over half MOA with the 69gr Matchkings.
my 1:9 shoots a 77g ncc very well.even the 75g berger vld.but one will have to remember that what might shoot in mine may not in get a couple of diferent weight bullets and go shot.but hey its JMHO
been shooting a 75 bthp Hornady and have had good results with
RL15 win cases and 205m, mag length seating........
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