Savage 12 FVSS Bolt Action Rifle w/ AccuTrigger


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Oct 23, 2012
hello.i started coyote hunting 3 years ago and i bought a savage axis 22-250 because it was cheap and i didnt really have a big budget starting off.i kind of want to upgrade to a better rifle with less flaws but i love savage guns.the axis has a heavy trigger with terible flex in the fore stock and it rust really easy even if i clean it. the Savage 12 FVSS Bolt Action Rifle with AccuTrigger caught my eye.the weight factor doesnt really matter because i only call them in so no real amount of walking and i have a bigger budget now. does anyone know what this gun is like.gun)
Not familiar with the FVSS, but I have two 112 BVSS and get alot of enjoyment from shooting them. They are both gilt-edge accurate and hang with my other "purdee" rifles.
One is in .300WinMag with only a RifleBasix trigger added. Currently shooting 185gn Bergers and I love to hear that authoritative "rap" on my steel plate at 700yds.
My other Savage is stamped Model 12 on the barrel but is a long action. It is chambered in 6.5-284Norma and I swapped stocks with a LRH forum member. It now wears a VLP stock and actually fits me better than the BVSS stock. I have had the action bedded.
I really like both of my Savages as they are so accurate. I would only assume the FVSS would be too. Go for it! JohnnyK.
thanks for the reply.i plan on getting the talley lightweight one piece scope mounts and a nikon buckmaster.not sure which retical to get though.the bdc seems alright plus i coud use the nikon spot on to get a basic reading for them.

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