Savage 111 LRH 338 Lapua muzzle brake


Dec 31, 2011
NE Oregon
I've got a Savage 111 LRH 338 Lapua and want to know if anyone on here knows what the factory muzzle brake thread and pitch sizes are?

I want to get a different brake as the stock one doesn't really do much to minimize the felt recoil generated.

I've sent several emails and PM's to Kirby for one of his PainKiller brakes, but I get no response from him for the last week or so.

My muzzle thread is 5/8" x 24 TPI.

The muzzle thread depth is .535", and the barrel diameter is .820" at the round shoulder where the muzzle brake threads are.

Anyone else know another place to look for brakes?

It would be nice to know what the expected felt recoil level is reduced to with a certain brake.
I would've figured there would be some input from others on here about which muzzle brakes work best and where to get one.
Its a little on the large side but the stock brake does work good for me. Only reason I would change the brake is to go shorter. It is a 338 lapua after all :cool:.
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