Savage 10FP-LE2A or 2B


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Feb 3, 2002
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Does anyone have any experience with this platform. I am looking at the 26" .308 with the MacMillan stock. I do not handload at this timeand would probably use Federal Gold Medal Match. I have been looking for an entry level platform for some distance shooting (given the experience of this list, I would say intermediate distance) realistically out to 6-800 yards, but on my best day maybe the occasional 1000yd shot on paper or steel. I would hunt with this package on light skinned game. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of Savage tactical .308's a while back on a course. Here are the opinions of several very experienced shooters - the triggers were not acceptable (this has been fixed with the new factory trigger available), the cheap plastic stock was marginal (this can be fixed with the great McMillan A-3 stock option), overall the rifles were reliable and accuracy was at or just better than 1moa out to the 1000 yard range we were firing on.
The new model with the McMillan stock and improved trigger should be a very good entry-level LR rig, might be a little big and heavy for any carrying during hunts, depends on your opinion of what is "heavy".
Check out the Ken Farrell mounts for the Savage and maybe a Bushnell Tactical 3200 10x, Warne Maxima rings and you are ready to go.
Check out Black Hills Ammo also, their 175 match is exceptional. Save your brass, you will have to get into reloading to shoot enough to really enjoy that rig.
Hi All! This is my first post on this site, so far I like it. I have a Mod. 10FP-LE2, and I love it! Alot of bang for the buck. I've heard on another site that someone had a problem with Farrell bases; something about screws starting to shear off due to gap on the bottom side of bases. Worth finding out about before you buy, even though everyone raves about the Farrell bases.
There is an extensive review of the Farrell mounts at Not sure what column it is under but there is about three pages.

Bottom line is that Ken Farrell had some bumb screws, they bent or broke on some rifles with fairly heavy scopes. Ken fixed the problem with better screws PLUS he has always suggested and recommends that his bases be bedded to the receiver for perfect fit and best performance.

Some guys never did this and the basic design of the base - which is concave and does not fit directly to the receiver like a glove (fact is no base can do that as there are so many variables involved in manufacturing receiver).

The best solution in Ken's opinion (and logically) is to put some bedding material under the concave base which would make for a perfect fit and also provide some "support" for the screws. Alternate is to machine a lug or contact point into the base so that it butts against the front of the receiver, taking the recoil forces.

If you are on a budget or just don't feel the need for Picatinny spec bases the Farrells are excellent. Bedding them is simple and cheap, must admit that I have not done it yet and might never since the Farrell base I am using is doing fine on a .223.

Badgers and Nears are top-end products and you pay for that quality. Farrells can do much the same job for about 1/2 the cost, but they are not intended to compete with Picatinny spec bases, they are a lower-priced, beautifully machined and blued rail that will provide varying degrees of slope and accept most Weaver style rings. Some people drive Camrys, some prefer Lexus - they both haul your butt to Walmart.
**Amazing how someone can warble on and on about a simple freaking scope base, isn't it
Elarski -- I have been looking at the Sav 10FP-LE2B for a low buck way to LR shooting. Is this the model you have? If so, is the McMillan stock usable by lefties. I don't have any experience with McM's, but am terminally left handed! The right hand bolt doesn't bother me.

FYI ... The rear of the receiver on the new trigger model is the same dimension as the front. The old model was milled flat. Perhaps bedding will make up the difference in shape for the one piece. I dunno!?!? I'm not a gunsmith. If you use two piece bases, use front base for both. Mike

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Blue: I have last year's model with the *** Stock. I just purchased the Bell & Carlson Duramax Stock & an aftermarket trigger for my Sav., but have yet to install them. I like the look and feel of the new stock; it's not as fancy as a Mc Millan, but it's way better than factory. It's also Lefty friendly. Something to think about.

I've heard a lot of good about the new model on other boards; people seem to be really happy with them.
Elarski -- Thanks for the info 'cause I was wondering about the B&C stock too for my new 270WSM 12fvss. I really do not like the
Sav synthetic stock. My other Sav's have the laminate stock. On my older models, I always used the Sharpshooter Trigger. Easy to install and works great. I like it as much as the new trigger. Thanks again ... Mike
I bought a 10FP and installed a Sharp Shooters Supply trigger and I think it shoots great!! Here are some pics-

Here are the groups @ 609 yds.- The group is on the left side of the gong.

This is a closer view of the group.

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