Ruger RPR 6.5 owners ?

Remington 243

Aug 9, 2015
I am have a difficult time in finding the lands using Hornady AOL gauge. I have done very well on all my other rifles in finding the lands of my rem 243, 308 , ar223, and 6mm. They all feel like there is almost a hard stop when the ogive of the bullet touch the lands.
But this RPR doesn't give me a hard or any good feeling that I am touch the lands. It feel like a tapered throat that just get tighter and tighter as I push the Hornady 147 gr. ELD-M bullet in. The micro readings are over the place. Its has been impossible to get any duplicate readings.
I'm sure it just me, but it is frustrating.


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Nov 19, 2013
I have not had issues with my RPR, anymore than any other cartridge, but it has always been sort of difficult to get right to the .001" using that method. I think the difference is the similarity in the angle of the ogive and the angle of the cut on the lead. It takes very little pressure to change the dimension by .020 to .030" Some things to try. 1. Clean the rifle, at least the throat area. I have had some carbon build up serve as sticking point there before. Also, there are other ways to get the measurement, as I'm sure you are aware. Let me know if you need any suggestions on other approaches.

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