Sendero's & Sendero Owners

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    Jun 18, 2001
    Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

    Boy's, I got a question.. Concerning the stock used on a Sendero, can one "easily" add weight to it? Is the butt stock hollow? How about in the forearm area? I'd like to bring a Sendero up to 15 - 20lbs by simply adding lead.

    Anyone ever pull the recoil pad off to see if this can be done?

    Any thoughts or suggestions, please advise.


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    Mar 18, 2002
    Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

    I've installed several recoil pads on stocks that were hollow. Just rough up the inside surface, carve out a fairly close fitting hardwood block and glass bed in place. I especially like Brownells AcraGlass for this job. Make sure that the block is slightly below flush and then just install the pad like always. If you've never tried the Decellerator ... try it. What a difference it makes!
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    Oct 19, 2001
    Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

    I've heard tell you can unscrew the bottom sling stud and drill out the hole to 1/4" and stick as much #6 lead shot as you can and then epoxy the hole shot.
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    Re: Sendero\'s & Sendero Owners

    They are hollow or sometimes filled with light foam fill, but the recoil pad is glued on from the factory. You will have fun [​IMG] getting it off, but after that its easy.I used Devcon 5 min. epoxy(similar to acraglas, but faster) and lead shot. Fill it as full as you want and then fill the last 3/4" with Devcon Plastic steel or Brownell's steelbed. This stuff drills easily and holds you pad screws secure, without the trouble of carving a block.
    The forend channel can have a grove routed in it with a Dremel and filled with shot and epoxy. Just dont overfill it where it touches the barrel after you re-assemble the rifle. Have Fun!!!