6.5 grendel loads in a ruger American predator

Mike from Texas

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Sep 7, 2013
North Texas
Sorry for the long absence I've been so busy with other things, I did try a box of 130gr game changers with better than expected results.i got a top load of 28.5 gr of ar2206h which I think is the same as h4895, speed was 2550 over the chrono with no real pressure signs.
But I settled on a load which gave 2480fps shot into less than 1/2 inch
That’s pretty impressive for a 130 class Bullet in a Grendel. How long is the barrel on your rifle?


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Mar 12, 2021
Anniston Alabama
Just got my first 6.5 grendel in a ruger American predator
Have been shooting the hornady Black ammo in it with good results
I'm going to start loading for it soon, I've got a box of 123 gr eld match but want to try other projectiles as well
Main uses will be pig and deer (sika red and fallow)
I'm from new zealand so don't have as many powders to choose from
Thank you
If it becomes available at powder valley try Norma 201. 28.0 grains in my CZ 527 shoots sub moa at 2495 fps. with 123 SST . Another is alliant power pro varmint. Start at 28.0 work up to 29.5.


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