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Apr 11, 2011
Mechanicsville, VA
Just finished reading some old posts concerning, along with others, 6mm-284 loads with 105 Berger Hybrids with RL-33. Now that the powder has been out a while I was wondering if any shooters have developed any good loads. I realize all rifles shoot differently. Just looking for good starting points.
I posted this once before.

I had a 28" barrel Bartlein 5R chambered for 6mm-284. I made the mistake of trying all sorts of bullets and powders. It didn't take long to severely scorch the insides of the barrel. By the time I got to trying the new RL-33 the barrel's throat and rifling were altered BUT it still shot.

Some background:

Seating depth is set so loaded ammo would fit and feed from a Wyatt's mag box in a SA Remington. Jump to lands .065".

Previous accuracy load was 58 gr of Retumbo with velocity of 3307 fps
At this point I had 890 rounds through the barrel!

RL-33 shows on the scene:

Using same seating depth and other components I worked up some loads.

62.5 gr 3376
63 gr 3414
63.5 gr 3453
64 gr 3484 most accurate load requires a drop tube to get the powder to fit
64.5 gr some pressure signs

I used the 64 gr load with RL-33 to shoot a coues wt at 525 yds four years ago using the 105 berger. That buck wasn't huge and the bullet killed just fine.

WARNING. Another guy on LRH tried to work up to 64 and got pressure far earlier than my rifle. By now the rifling is severely worn with 928 rounds through it, which reduces pressure plus I was jumping the bullet.

I continued with the 64 gr load to round count 1040. At this point the barrel would shoot fine for perhaps 8 rounds then the group size would open up. Bore scope view showed a horror show of cracks/crazing plus long fissure like cracks running longitudinally with bore. It was not fun to clean either. I retired the barrel and made a 6 BR with the same platform. It also shoots the 105s but at 2850 fps.

Lesson learned? Find a load and stick with it!
Was kinda hoping you would respond. It took me over 100 rounds to find a sweet spot with RL-22 and I happy with that. However, I thought I would also shoot some RL-33 and see what I can do. I had to send my barrel back to Pac Nor as they originally did a .280 neck(long story on that communication problem on the neck) for a .270 neck. Expecting a .270 neck I had, beforehand, turned my cases to .015 so I ended up getting gobs of blow back with the .280 neck.
I don't have a 6x284, but I am running a 6-06, close in capacity, and I have great luck with rl25
I was shooting the 107 smks at 3400 fps.
I have a 6 wsm and found the 107 smks amd 115 bn coated DTAC were the bullets that held together the best.
I shot 105 berger hybrids at over 3600 fps and some of them never made it to the target.
Reloader 33 is awesome on the 6mm-284. My uncle shoots one in a f class panda and a 30" 1.250 straight barrel. He has run the 105 amax @ 3600fps. I will try to find how much he was using. It's a laser
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