Rings and bases

Badger 20 moa base and med-high rings. Only the best will do.....
I would buy a Ken Farrell base and Warne rings. They will set you back less than the Badgers and will serve you just as well!!!
I just read that badger alså has a 40 MOA base on their product page, but i sure dont need all that much.

Its true, 20 will get me far enough.

Thanks for all Your help guys!
H-bar nailed a crow with his 25yo6 at over 300yds!! Outstanding display of marksmenship.
All I can do is scare them!!
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> Can you get more than 20 MOA? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

D.D. Ross sells what they call the #648 Optical Platform;

-User installed ( no clipslot needed in receiver )
-30 MOA taper
-Civilian version of the base they sold to equip all M40-A3 SWS in the USMC inventory.
-M1913 Picatinney rail standard.
-Can be special ordered to be cut down to a lower taper if needed.

They also produce trigger guards ( also used on the M40-A3 ) handstop rails, heavy duty scope rings, recoil lugs and slings specifically designed for accuracy rifles that need to be rugged and reliable.
Hello Everybody!!
Take a look at NEAR MANUFACTURING Tactical Base.It gives you 25moa and if you wanted more,they could make it.I have one on my 338-378 and I could have odered it with up to 60moa.They are located in Canada and Brownells carry a limited amount of they're bases.They are every bit as good as Badger and alot better than most others.
Why not use NF rings and base? I read that there's a lot U guys having a NF scope. But U are not using their rings/bases. Is there anything wrong with them?
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