rifle weight to dampen 338 mag recoil

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
I am contemplating at 338 mag in the near future. 338lapua AR30, 338-378 Accumark, or 338 ultra Sendero. the sendero does not have a break. if I get this one I would likely change the stock to a Choate Ultimate varmint or Ultimate sniper. Or a McMillan Prone or Tooley. I would not be carrying this rifle long distances so would make it heavy for comfortable shooting. how much should this gun weigh in order to really dampen the recoil? I am not looking to make it feel like a 243 win but acceptable to shoot off the bench for lets say 20-40 shots at one sitting. I was just trying to avoid adding a break.
If you're planning on being in a spot with it you can stop to put hearing protection on, get a brake.
You'll like it a lot better, then it "will" be like a 243. Weight just don't do that much, it just don't.
I've got a .338 RUM, which has almost identical recoil as the .300 RUM. My recoils is exactly that of my 7 mag according to the calculations. 8.5 lb rifle & scope. To get the recoil down to the 7 mag without a brake, you have to double the weight of the rifle to 17 lbs. To get it down to your .243, you'd probably have to get it up to a 25 or 30 lb rifle. Brakes are easier to install, and MUCH easier to carry.
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