rifle sling for daytrips


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Oct 17, 2018
The rifle sling I use works well for my 450 with a short barrel as long there is no silencer on it. For silencer and my long range rig it just dont work so been looking around at various slings.
Seams manufacturers hate to say where there gear is made and I dont really care that mutch, but workforce should have a decent pay, should not support regimes that violate human rights. Im for an open global market, nut any competition should be fair. Guess that means most of Europe, North America and Japan.
So what slings are out there that fill this criteria?

Been looking at the alpine dual, seekand split, z aim, vero vellin double and neverlost.

Both land of manufacture and opinions on there relevance is most wellcome ☺️
For a tactical slings and such rifles only.com for a hunting rifle if you’re at Walmart I like the claw sling
Specialty Outdoor Products. They are made in Michigan and really are the best. I’ve got two. The owner answers the phone and takes care of your order too.

I like TIS cuff sling and it want to try the Rifles Only FTW Sling. I’m sure both are US Production.