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After years of constantly having to adjust and re-adjust my rifle sling when I carried it, I finally changed to the Ultimate Gun Sling (https://www.specialtyoutdoorproducts.net/) on the two rifles I carry most. Tipping the scales at 10.5 and 12.5 lbs each, they are not light and considering how much walking I do when hunting (easily over 1,000 miles in my lifetime) I found myself either constantly hiking my rifle back up on my shoulder or adopting a posture where I always had one hand on the rifle or strap. After seeing the Ultimate Gun Sling commercials on TV hunting shows, I decided to give it a try two years ago. I've found that they live up to their claims as a 'no slip' sling and have made my 'travels' much less cumbersome. The one drawback to these slings in my opinion is that they are narrow and if you're carrying a heavy rifle and not wearing much padding on your shoulder area, it can get uncomfortable because the weight isn't being distributed like it is with a wide shoulder pad strap.
They make a wider version which is great for heavier rifles.
@nksmfamjp Mind sharing your setup for doing so? I have an interest in it.
I use an Armageddon Gear sling attached to the side of the rifle with QD flush cups. It can be pulled tight for carry or hasty sling, or left loose to wrap up.

All this done to carry rifle weight on front to balance pack weight a bit.
Safari sling,hand free to climb and glass.Front carry great because in grizz country fair amount.
Ive tried the Kifaru gunbearer but cant get used to it. One thing Ive found is the Talarik Slinghook

This along with a good rubberized sling seem to work the best.
I have been running a homemade, rednecked version of this for years. makes mountain carry sooo much easier. I am going to take a look at these commercially made versions, as I think there is tremendous value in having the sling hooked to your pack.

Cool suggestion.
YUP, a Kifaru "Gun Bearer" strapped to, an EXO Pack, has got OUR Family, far back, in the Woods/ Mtn's ( with Hands FREE to use, Trekking Poles ! ).
Three Elk shot, using, Wood Hunter Specialties, Stix, in our Family ! NO Bipod necessary, to 400 Yards,.. just strap the Stix on, the Pack !
Two Elk shot from, sitting Positions, in Northern Arizona & Idaho and One shot from Kneeling position, a few Days ago, in the Idaho mountains.
My Grandson carries his New Savage, 6.5 PRC in, a Gun Bearer, W/ his EXO pack and shot, a nice, 4 X 3 Mule Deer at 268 yards over H-S "Stix" from the kneeling position,... THIS combo, works well for, OUR style of, Hunting !
My son carried, 110 Pounds of, Elk meat ( 2 Hind quarters and a Front qtr, ) back to the Truck in, the EXO Pack !
The Old guy ( me) only had to carry about, 50 Pounds of Elk meat, plus the 7.5 lb. Rifle, ( in the Kifaru "Gun bearer" ),.. back !
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Eberlestock backpack out west
rifle sling TBAC hunting whitetail up here in Midwest
Must add. Sling is a Montana Gun Sling by friend and hunter Pat Sinclair. He should have called it “the real deal”….