Conceal Carry via bino harness?


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Apr 23, 2011
Southeast PA
I'm looking for a way to conceal carry a handgun in my bino harness. I just want to have something in the event of a black bear encounter in (northeast PA). I'm looking at a compact, not a full frame. Ideally, I want to conceal in or on my bino harness. During archery season, I often saddle hunt, do my entire waist area is sort of out of the question. All of the bino harnesses I see have open carry holster options, but I need to be able to conceal it and I would like it to be available on my chest. Can anyone help me find a good option?
You could get a bino harness with MOLLE attachments and just get a separate zippered pouch or paddedholster and keep it BEHIND the chest harness instead of in front.

Or get the Eberlestock Nosegunner.

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I use a Badlands bino/rangefiner combination case. There is plenty of room in the rangefinder section, which is adjustable, to accommodate a small pistol. Both of the flaps have magnetic closures and are fast & easy to open. Personally, I'd prefer something bigger for bear defense, but it would work.
I used a Gunfighters Inc Kenai chest holster under my Alaska Guide Creations bino harness for my Glock 29. Not sure my new XDM will hide under the bino harness as well at the G29 did. It was practical for hunting and also worked good if I was hiking with the family. Both pictures show side view pretty well and somebody would have to be looking close to see it. I jogged with it under a jacket fairly often during winter as well. Pretty handy still having it on during skinning/quartering with pack and bino harness off and out of the way too.

The Hill People Gear chest packs are perfect for this
I've found that while they do not have room for binos in the pack, it is perfectly comfortable and convenient to tuck the binos (i have a pair of 10x Leupolds) between the chest strap and body right above the pack on my left side (I shoot right handed)
They don't interfere with shouldering my rifle or the pistol compartment access, and access is quicker than in my old bino pack
IMO, this is The Way.
I am going to ask my wife to sew together a sleeve.

I'll take a pic of the set-up this evening
Here is what I'm talking about:
I think I'll see if my wife can add loops to the neoprene pouch that came with the binos to attach them I'm the same location, but on the outside of the straps.
My 6" GP100 won't quite fit, but a G17 on down futs just fine


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