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Jun 14, 2002

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I am having a custom rifle built with a 32" barrel, and muzzle break, HS Precision Stock. Any suggestions for a gun case? Something that will accommodate a scoped rifle that size?
A starlight case will do the job. You can actually custom fit the foam on the interior to match the contour of the rifle. There are about $250 but water proof airtight and endoresed by the military. I think the add has a hummer driving over one....
The Starlight cases are about $121 from Brownells at dealer cost. Find someone on the dealer list and you can get it much less than retail. If you cant find someone, email me and I'll try to help you. Be sure to measure and make sure it will fit using the deminsions on the website. If it is too short, try Kalispel Case Line products. They make a 62" long aluminum case for about $260. Good Luck!!
What do you guys think of a Brwoning Travel Vault? That is what I have now and it will accomodate a rifle up to 52". I hope when my .30-378 is started and ready that will fit it.
I use them both - here are some points.
The Travel Vault (made by Pelican) and the Starlight look very similar, but they aren't. The TV is somewhat heavier, provides great sealing from moisture and dust and shares a roughly similar locking system and now comes with wheels (wheel kit optional on SL I believe). The Starlight also seals well against dust and moisture (maybe not quite as big gaskets) but the main difference is that it is made of an entirely different plastic than the TV. Difference is that the TV plastic breaks as in cracks or chunks break right out if the case is very cold and dropped. The Starlight dents, which is much better. Not a factor unless you use them in below freezing temps and they get rough use.

Handles are different, the SL handles fold flat and the TV handles are molded so they stick out a bit. Otherwise the two cases are fairly similar in size and capacity.

I found out the hard way that you should always tape the latches closed when putting them on an airline - somehow a latch popped open and was destroyed when I got the case from baggage after one trip. Not quite as easy anymore as you can't take a role of duct tape in your carry-on. I just take a short piece to tape the latches shut after they look at the gun(s) and are going to put the case onto the conveyor.
Starlight all the way. It also has a psi equalization valve that won't fall out on the plane like the Pelican will. A guy here at a tactical shop is switching all of his out to Starlight. He does training all over the country and swears by the new Starlights.

Brownells....hmm, they sell my dad stuff at dealer cost for some reason, he said he's never said anything to them and they always offer it at the "hidden" price there in the catalog.
Ian, if you have both the starlight and pelican which would you purchase again? I travel on the airlines alot, and need the strongest available. Thanks JMP

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