Riegl Rangfinders?


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Apr 27, 2002
Does anyone have one of these or used one? I see that there is a model that claims 2000 yard capability in least favorable conditions and 10,000yards on highly reflective targets. The unit also has an inclinometer function that compensates and gives the horrizontal distance to the target.

Contact Bruce Seiler at 406-443-9000 for all the details and possibly a special price he quoted me for one on a next big contract order he's making. People that seriously want the best, give him a call... They sold Lieca the technoligy for the Vector in the mid 80's and also service them for Lieca too. He's been shooting LR since I was in diapers and knows the game probably as well or better than anyone here ta boot... small world.

The model you want is the FG21LR, the long range model. They want $6750 for it, maybe you can get one for 6k if you talk to Bruce.
Thanks Brent,

I managed to get his info from riegl. Turns out he lives a little under 3 hours from me. Too bad I can't afford one yet. I think we are going to hunt together this year provided I strike out in bow season. So I am excited to learn from him and play with his toys.
You Lucky dawwwwg!!!
I turned him onto the site here, and the Exbal ballistics program of Geralds too.

Good luck this season too.
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