Replacing my barrel on Rem 700 SPS


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
I would like to replace my current barrel on a 700 sps .243 win. I was looking into lilja barrels but not sure which way to go with this. It will be a hunting rifle and some messing around long range target shoots. I would like to keep the weight of the rifle down. Does lilja or another barrel manufacturer make a great barrel close to the size and weight of the stock barrel? My goal is to see tighter groups.

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Having replaced the barrel on my Browning, I hear you.
Many barrel makers make high quality light rifle barrels.
Just forget fluting a light barrel. :D
The McGowan 26", Douglas #4 profile in 7mm stainless weighs 3lb 7 oz before mounting. It shoots bugholes with it's favorite loads.

Many short actions weigh around 2 lbs.
The Pac Nor website can tell you about barrel profiles and weights.

Hope this helps.

JM .02
all the mftrs make barrels of profiles that fit rem stocks.

First ask do you want cut (Krieger, Bartlein, Satern, Brux etc) or button rifled (Hart, Lilja, Broughton, Douglas, Shilen, Pac Nor, Bergara) then sort by mftrs. that is just a very limited list of each.

are you looking for a barrel immediately? If so, Lilja has some on hand as do some of the others. some will require 3 month wait or so for most though.

all the custom barrels will by far outshoot the factory barrel.

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