Remington Brass Customer Service


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Feb 9, 2007
Central Illinois
I have seen on a couple threads that it appears some are having issue with Remington customer service on firearms. I have no direct experience with that area, however, I did have an issue with some Remington 300RUM brass.

Bottom line was, in a 100 piece bag, I received 97 pc of 300RUM brass and 3 pc of 300WM brass. I looked them up on-line and called the ammo plant in Arkansas. The first guy (Bill) I talked to was very helpful and apologized. He is shipping me replacement brass today.

Can't speak to problems with guns, but I was very happy with their response to this issue.
Got to give credit where credits due. Sounds like they corrected the situation efficiently. Anybody else getting a few wrong brass pieces with their order...just curious.
First time this has ever happened to me with brass of any brand.

I have had the same issue with bulk packed pistol bullets in the past.

I had the same thing happen to me with some Federal 9 mm brass ( 1 round did
not have a primer pocket).

So I guess it happens to all but it is nice to hear that someone else cares if you
have a problem.

I have been shorted buy 1 or 2 pieces of brass and then the next bag have 1 or
2 extra pieces because they weigh them just like potato chips and it is total wight
so it may vary.

I weight sort and never end up with a 100 rounds that weigh the same anyway.

J E Custom, when you say weigh sort, are you saying putting cases within a certain weight of each other in the same pile and other cases in a different pile? Why and what's the benefit?
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