Rem 700 VS .308 for starters

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
The Remington will be fine and it's an easy upgrade for later conversion to custom if you opt for that. 700 yards might be a little far for 308 Win to begin with but it'll sure enough kill them at that distance when hit properly.

The NightForce scopes are real nice, I have an NXS 5.5 x 22 on my 243 Win and really like it.
i'd say thats a real good rig to start out with. if anything, i'd get it bedded, which should only be around $50 or so. other than that, it'll probably shoot better than you will for a while. make sure you get some decent mounts.

I've got a Remington 700 VS in 308 Win. It is topped with a 6x18 leupold. When i read conditions right it will shoot 1" groups at 300 yds group after group. I have a batch of Federal Gold Medal ammo stocked up in same lot #. Don't know about shooting deer at 700 yds but my VS is a shooter.
The VS or VSSF 308 will work very well for a begginers LR rig. Even for deer at 700 yards. A 700 VS in 308 will drive a 178 AMAX at 2700-2750 FPS accuratley, this does a number on deer size critters to 600 yards and probably 700 if ya keep the shots where they need to be, which is easy to do with a rem 700 in 308. The 700 is a VERY good action. When you decide to upgrade the 700 is hard to beat for a good smith to build something really trick.

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I'm new at long range shooting. Would this factory gun be a good starting point for whitetail deer out to 700 yards. Thinking a Nightforce NXS scope on this gun would probably shoot better than I do for a good while. What tuning - if any - would be most critical for this rig. Thanks!
I would go with the savage 12bvss in 308 or if you reload 300wsm, this gun comes with an heavy laminated target stock, pillar bedding, and a 11/2lb trigger, you should be able to get this gun for around 525, this gun will shoot as good if not better than the remington, Out Door life just did a test of this type of gun in a 22-250, they tested rugers, remington, and browning, the savage was the only rifle to average under 1" five shoot groups,.75", with factory ammo, All 12bvss i've ever seen will run under .5 with good handloads

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