Rem 700 action is sitting in Devcon


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Feb 26, 2003
So I just roughed up the bedding block and action area on my Sendero stock with 400 grit sandpaper,

put two coats of paste wax on the action,

put two layers of black electrical tape on the sides and back of the recoil lug,

coated all stock to action mating surfaces inside the stock with a thin coat of Devcon and stuck it all together.

It is setting up as I write this.

Action screws are not all the way tight and the end of the barrel is supported lightly.

I am quite excited as this is my first shot at bedding an action.

Did I miss anything?

What do I do if it doesn't come apart tomorrow morning?

For starters, don't wait until tomorrow to take it apart.

Give it a couple of hours to firm up, then take it apart, and put it back together again.

If you missed something with the release agent, and don't try getting it apart before it sets up completely, you may never get it apart.
Thanks Tim,

That's a great idea, I'll give it a little while longer and pull it apart.

Wouldn't come apart this morning, but I didn't try that hard.

I did get it to come apart after work today.

Feel much better now.

I want to thank all you guys for discussing how to do this.

I may not have asked for instructions on how to bed an action directly, but I read a bunch of posts which described what to do and it helped a lot.



I should have warned you. There is some kind of Murphy's law type thing. The first one you do on your own, never comes right apart.

I think it's some kind of Sphincter control type test.

Glad to hear everything came out good.

If I read your post correctly, you goofed up on one thing- you should have taped the front (muzzle side)of the lug not the back(action side) and the bottom also.
Also, if you do more, buy a can of mold release or Brownell's release. Almost impossible to miss a spot and works better than wax and less messy.
I taped the right spots on the recoil lug, may not have said it right, but I did tape the right spots.

I'll have to check into the release agent from Brownells.


well if it does get stuck bad put it in the freezer overnight doug,l have been using jb weld for bedding rifles for years its the same basically as devcon, impervious to all solvents and oils,try putting a light coat of vaseline everywhere on the action and then use one large piece of saran wrap around it and carefully put the action into the stock and it will give you a great finish.
Ok, so here is the scoop. This started out as a new Rem 700 BDL SS in 7mm SAUM.

I was shocked by the BDL synthetic stock and had to do something about it.

I had a Rem 700 VS SF in 22-250 with the nice HS Precision Sendero like stock.

So I took the HS Precision stock off the 22-250 and bedded the 7mm SAUM in it.

Set the trigger down to between 1 1/2 and 2 pounds.

Resized 25 Rem cases, turned the necks just a bit and put some H4831SC and Hornady SSTs in them to break in the barrel. (I have a bunch of SSTs.)

It was raining lightly on and off and quite windy while I was at the range. Shot and cleaned, shot and cleaned, etc.

I was surprised by how well this rifle shoots. No load development at all and I was getting 1/2 MOA or less at 50 yards with a brand new barrel. Hope this continues.

This is to be my carry rifle, it has the narrow 24 inch stainless steel Rem BDL barrel with a little 3x9 on it with MIL-DOTs for now.

It is quite light and the BDL barrel doesn't look bad in the SA Sendero stock either.

Also, the BDL barrel cools faster than a Sendero barrel. This surpised me too.

Recoil is considerably more than I expected. Probably because it is so light. I don't think my Rem 700 Sendero SF in 7mm RUM recoils much harder than this little SAUM with the small barrel on it.

What do you guys think about 140 to 150 weight 7mm bullets out of a 7mm SAUM with a 24 inch barrel? Maybe 160s?

The Hodgdon reloading data shows that a max load with a 150 is just short of 3000 fps...
Load From A Disk software says:

168 Berger sitting on 56.5 gr H4831 goes 2822 at 64,488 psia (Danger)

180 Berger sitting on 55.0 gr H4831 goes 2710 at 64,437 psia (Danger)

24 inch barrel at 70 degrees.

I was thinking that the lighter 140/150 grain bullets would go faster and shoot a bit flatter than the 160 to 180 grainers.

Probably not shoot at anything over 300 yds away with this one ...

You will have no problem going out to 700yds+ with a 154gr SST out of that short magnum. use what ever you want and go for it. Only thing to consider with the lighter bullets (120gr, etc) is impact vel.

As long as impact vel is under 2800fps, almost all softpoint bullets are going to work. If going for super speeds, you are going to need a Barnes X or Partition. The SST are quite a durable bullet but I would not expect them to hold together if impact vel is much over 3000fps.

Good luck with project...

Jerry, Did you read OCT. issue of Shooting Times, the one where they tested all the 180gr bullets? I remember the SST fired at 3000fps retained I think it was 76%, with no core separation or anything like that, pretty impressed I was, basically the same weight as the Scirocco, not to bad for a nonbonded bullet. Maybe the 7mm would behave differently though, I don't know.
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