REM 22-250 VSSF ll


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Feb 28, 2007
South Dakota
Not sure if I made a good choice or not and I have the opportunity to sell the gun for what I paid for it. I have a buyer that will take it. Thats if I made a poor decision. I just recently sold my
22-250 Savage Model 12 Single Shot and with that money, I purchased Rem. 22-250 VSSF ll. Heres my concern. I've been hearing over and over that I made a poor decision on buying the REM and I should have stuck with a Savage 12 that had a mag instead of a single... thats the reason I sold it. Didn't want a single shot. I kind of figured that the VSSF ll would be a real shooter, but I'm hearing that it will never hold a candle to the Savage model 12. Is this true? Before I set this gun up and shoot it, I would like to know from knowledgable shooters if it would be in my best intrest to sell it and buy the Savage. Thanks for any help that you may offer.

for what its worth, I only own one savage, and it's a good shooter. I own MANY Remingtons, and they ALL shoot extremely well. Some were just easier than others to "tune".
I had the 700 VSSF in 22-250 and it shot better than me on most days. I think if I didn't own a rifle, and was looking to buy new, that I would be going with the Savage because it appears that a higher percentage of them shoot well without a lot of work. With a Remington you may get a great shooter out of the box, I did. Or you may have to have to develop a load for it. Or you may have to have some work done to it before it shoots well.

You never said how well the Remington shot. Have you tried various factory ammo with it to see if it has a preference? Mine liked Hornady 50 grain best at 3/8" but the Winchester was close behind at 1/2" and at the time it was $2 per box cheaper. That was good enough for me. Your wants and needs are probably different than mine.
I have yet to shoot the Remington.... so my question on how well the gun shoot is unknown. The gentleman who said he will buy the gun off me likes the idea that it hasn't been shot yet, so thats why I'm wondering if I should sell it and buy the Savage. I assumed that the REM being that it is the VSSF ll in all, would be an excellent gun for accuracy. I also liked the way it looks and it matches the look of my 300 RUM SFll..... ha ha. Anyway, the Savage I sold was amazing with factory 50g Hornady ammo. Crazy grouping out of the Led Sled. From what I've been hearing, the accuracy even in the VSSF ll just isn't there. Thanks guys.

....maybe I'll just shoot the dang thing and keep it. I'll never know otherwise.
That remington has all the goodies box stock. It is essentially the same gun as a sendero just a short actions. I have 3 and they all shoot lights out. That guy is full of crap. Every manufacture makes a lemon from time to time but the senderos and vssfs are known for shooting out of the box. Good luck with your nice gun. Oh and if you want a savage instead I will go buy one and trade you.
Savage's notoriously shoot GREAT right out of the box but for me, they are soooo freakin fugly I just can't bring myself to buy one.

If your VSSF doesn't shoot the way you like send it off and have a good quality, anything faster than 1-14, barrel installed and you'll be good to go.

There is another thing Savage does that's right. You can get a faster than 1-14 twist 22-250 right out of the box but I still don't think I could get over the fuglyness of them. :)

Keep it, shoot it, rebarrel it, shoot the barrel out of it and rebarrel it again. Can't never go wrong with a M700 and they look good too. I know I know I'm shallow right. lol
I on the other hand am a huge Savage advocate. I own two and planning on buying more. The model 12 varminter is a great rifle. I own the Mod12 Low Profile and it has proven to be a shooter when I do my part.

These would be my next options if I were to buy another model Savage in a non-magnum configuration and varminting purposes. Though I would build a magnum off of their target action. That has proven to be a good combination. I have shot and get a chance to shoot a 338 Lapua built on the Savage target action.

Savage Arms Firearms > 12 VLP DBM

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Savage Arms Firearms > 12 LRPV DBM

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Just to give some props to the Remmy crowd, I do own an older Model 7 .243 that shoots very well. I did glass bed the stock and did some trigger work. Remmy's are nice, but require a little prep work to get to that point. I did my own work with research online.

I just figure the money that I put into a Remmy to make it shoot good (truing the action, new trigger), can go into the optics for a Savage out of the box! :D

+1 on that Tank. Savage is the only way to go. I would buy another Browning befor I would by another Remington ***.

Well that makes a guy feel a little better. Care to explain?

If I decide to keep it, I'll get rid of the crap trigger in it. This 22-250 with have the same trigger as the 300 RUM SF ll that Kirby's putting in. Never shot a gun with the Jewell trigger. Hope it make a difference. That is the one thing I can say I don't like about the new triggers in the Rem, there horrible IMO. Anyway, as far as the VSSF ll and the SF ll, besides the H.S stocks, what is so great about these models? Are the barrels suppose to be of a higher quality or what? Thanks

I had a Rem 700 BDL in 22-250 rem a few years back and couldn't get it to shoot under an inch and a half at 100 yards. I had a Browning a-bolt in 30-06 and that thing would shoot circles around the remington. I have had a savage in 338 win mag, 30-06, 308 win, and a 338 lapua. I am thinking of possibly building my next rifle off a browning action. To the defence of my Remington I had nothing done to it, it was bone stock. As far as them being a *** just an opinion. If it shoots good, shoot it don't worry what other people say.
I don't think you made a bad decision at all. That gun is bound to be a good shooter, but there's only one way to find out. I'm not knocking the Savages at all, plenty of people on this sight swear by them. Plenty of people swear by the Rem's as well. Hey, maybe both are good. Hmm. One nice thing about this one is that it probably has the same stock profile as you RUM.

Anyone who says that you can't get a good Rem to shoot is full of crap.
Anyone who says that you can't get a good Savage to shoot is also full of crap. I would go shoot it and enjoy it.
Hello gentelman, I've loved shooting sports for all of my 60+yrs. I've owned Marlin,Browning,Winchester, Beretta,Weatherby,Remington,Savage&Ruger.I've only kept my Remington 700s(8calibers)&a Ruger .22mag.Our military sniper rifles were Rem.700s.Our police SWAT rifles are Rem.700s.Custom rifle builders select Rem.700s.What more can we say! Yesterday I shot many .800"groups @200yrds.with factory Hornady 50gr.VMAX .22-250 ammo in a factory Rem.700VS.They just SHOOT! Give Remington there do! Dskiper
Id stick with the Remington. Im a remington fan all mine have been shooters and I have friends who's also shoot great. If its the same as your 300 then it would be an awesome practice gun. I also agree with B23. Its a hell of a lot prettier than the savage.
To start out with a level playing field, most all mfg's turn out a "not so stellar performer" every now and then.
I have owned several Rem 700's, all heavy barreled job's. A couple were the 700 Varmint Special from the 60-70's era. One a .22-250, one a .243. I've owned a Varmint Synthetic in .22-250 and 3 Sendero's; one in .25-06 (Sendero SF), one in 7mmRM and one in .300WinMag (both 1st generation). I now own a 700 Police in 7mmRM.
I have owned four Savages. A "J" Series in .308, two FP's; one in 7mmRM and another in .223. I now own a 112BVSS in .300WinMag.
All of these rifles shot quarter inch groups at one time or another. Everytime? no. Definately not. All the barrels went through a break-in routine, when I had them and they all went through load development to find what they liked best. The 700 triggers were all adjusted to an acceptable (2-2.5lbs) level, except for the 700P, it's trigger has been replaced with a Shilen. The Savage triggers were all replaced with Timney's except for the current 112. It straddles a Rifle Basix' (nice trigger, by the way).
The .223 (1-9") shot sub 1/4" groups (.13") with 55gn Ballistic Tips and W748, the 700P just shot a .178" group with the 150gn Ballistic Tip and IMR4831. Now I'm not so naive to believe that this rifle will do this everytime, but it's good enough for me to load and chrono a few, develop a ballistic card and have some fun.
Bottom line: Some factory rifles shoot better than others. Most will perform better with proper bedding, trigger adjustment/replacement, tailor made handloads, good glass and proper shooting form(s). My recommendations: buy one of each. I also have a Winchester 70 SA Heavy Barrel Varmint that shoots just as tight as these. JohnnyK.
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