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Feb 5, 2004
What range and with wich bulletweight would you experienced varminthunter consider the capabilities of this cartridge? I´m just asking since I´ve recently bought a sako 75 varmint SS in cal 22-250. It´s still untested. Still awaits the scope to arrive.

I would specially appriciate answers from first-hand experienced shooters.

BTW the scope is this one: http://www.zeiss.de/C12567A80033F8E4/ContentsWWWIntern/BA56225BE30B6D9BC1256D91005E5992

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55gn vmak/blitz king--for varmints smaller than coyotes i wouldnt hesitate to try it to 1000yds, but 800 is probably more doable.

Prairied dogs--shoot as far as you can see them.

wind would be your limiting factor--with much wind the limit may move to 600.

But then opinions are like A$$holes...

I did consider the 22-250 as a max 4-500 yrds cartridge, due to its rapidly loss of power of the tiny bullet. So your really mean a direct hit at 1000 yards should do the job?
for coyotes--you need a good hit, so my personal limit would be 600 for them. For prairie dogs and chucks i would shoot as far as i could see the bullet impact.

It would probably take a centered shot at 1k to kill a PD, but you never now--they are not put together real well--a groundhog though is much tougher.

I like to stretch the legs of any cartridge i use, especially when it comes to varmints, you will have to come up with your own personal limits. I will tell you this, i see my 223 with 50gn vmax as a no problem 500 yard gun for varmints, so with 300fps more...

you will have to make your own decision based on your ability, the rifle, and the load you come up with.

Hi SakoVarmiter
A little home brew which is very good, you could try would be 52g hpbt smk over 38g n140 just touching the lands @3700fps.Shoots very accurately in a Win70 stealth.
Welcome to the art.
You will find the .22-250 to be an easy cartridge to find accurate loads for. One of my favorites is 33gr. 3031 with a 52-53 grain match bullet, I like Winchester brass and primers. This load is one that Remington uses to test their 40X rifles, or at least it was the one used for the 40X's that I bought.
4895 is also a great powder in this caliber. I would also try Varget.
Your new Sako should be a great shooter, I have never shot out of the box rifles that did as well as the 75's.
I wold put a scope with about 15-16 power max for that cartridge if I was setting up that rifle.
Good luck and have fun.
My 22-250 shot best with 52gr SMK's and either 4064 or H380.
When the throat erroded a bit, I switched to 55gr B-Tips and a max load of Varget.
I always considered the 22-250 to be a 1/4 mi groundhog gun. After that the 6mm's came out.

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