Reloader 25 with 160 berger bullet

Re: Reloader 25 with 168 berger bullet

After many hours, I have finally came up with an awesome load for the Reloader 25. 7mm Remington mag with 168 berger hunting bullet. I bought the reloader 25 to try, and did not want to waste it. And now I am very happy with the results.

Reload Data: Remington case, Rem mag 9 1/2 primer.

67 grains Reloader 25 and OAL with bullet comparator is 2.584.

With this load I was able to break clay pigeons @ 300yds, and 400yds.

I glue clay pigeons to paper plates with hot glue, and place them out. With this laod I hit every time shooting off a bulls bag. Very happy with the load.
RL25 was the best powder, velocity and accuracy wise, that I ever used in my old 7 mag for 168 Bergers and 160 Accubonds. Kinda kicking myself for trading it off.
With this load this year, I shot a black tail buck at 325 yards. The buck instantly droped in its spot. I was using a balistic plex scope. 300 yard pin right behind the shoulder. It hit exacally were I was aiming. I love Berger bullets.
I found it was OK for the 168s but liked Retumbo better. R25 is a different animal; you really have to be careful with it. I recently tried it in my 340 Wby and it topped out at 2860 while I was able to get 3200 with other powders! In the 257 Wby, it is the best powder I have found with 115 Bergers.

I don't shoot 168s in the 7 anymore- only 180s. I find them more accurate and better wind resistance. I use Ramshot Magnum with them.
used rl25 with a lot of 160 bullets out of my 7mm rem mag and always some of my best groups and great velocitys. always liked a high does tho always seems best groups were always right there at max 69-70gr but as always work up to these
What velocity is your load producing?? I'm thinking of stepping into another load for my 7mag and already have rl25 on the shelf.

Lefty, I was wondering the same thing myself! I shot my 700P, this past weekend with RL25, and it shot really well. Did no chrono any loads. Shot the 145LRX, and 168 LRX, but it would not stabilize. I have been using H1000, but the RL25 seems promising. Will have to get some more 168 VLD's. These things are insanely accurate in that rifle.

Edit, the 145 LRX shot awesome, but the 168 LRX would not stabilize.
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